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Power Of NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, is a powerful new discipline which studies both the conscious and unconscious processes that combine to enable people to do what they want.

NLP is internationally recognised in the business and sports communities as a highly effective basis for coaching and training to improve performance and accelerate success.

Background (Provenance)

NLP was developed in the early 70's as the result of the co-operation of a scientist Richard Bandler and a linguist John Grinder, when they were conducting research into the structure of influence.

They studied highly successful people and discovered common patterns of behaviour. NLP has become a process for understanding how we make sense of the world, how to change behaviour and how to model excellence. NLP is the study of how your mind and your language affect your behaviour.

Coaching techniques

Using the proven NLP tools and techniques, we unravel limiting beliefs, remove mental barriers and install successful strategies necessary to achieve exceptional performance.

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