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Imagine Success International
Golf In Mind
Mastering the Mental Game


International Clients and Recommendations

Corporate Clients include:
AstraZeneca, Barclays Bank, Boots, BSkyB, GlaxoSmithKline, HSA
Knight Frank, London Stock Exchange, My Travel, SAP, TUI, Vodafone, Waitrose

Our International Clients include:
Lawn Tennis Association, Professional Golf Association,
Australian and New Zealand Professional Golfers; CEOs,
MD’s and Senior Executives; Lawyers, Bankers, Doctors, MPs


"The coaching successfully identified my management needs, helped me to devise action plans to address the issues and gave me lots of advice and encouragement to implement the agreed strategy. By helping me discover my "blind spots" we worked together on getting me to change my thinking on a number of issues, particularly how to get the best out of people, to realise where my skills lie and how best to focus them for the overall benefit of the firm, as well as myself.
Senior Partner

"You have really helped him (PGA Golfer) beyond measure..... he has matured and evolved greatly and noticeably under your guidance."
Golf Pro

I honestly believe she has made a powerful contribution to both my inter-personal and management skills."
Vice President

"A very positive experience. I have felt empowered to change areas in my life, at both home and work through a process of reviewing my goals and refocusing my energies in order to achieve them."
VP International Investment Bank

"I came away with a practical action list, intelligently designed to fit my lifestyle. All these services produced swift results from which I continue to see a practical benefit on a daily basis….. this is high quality stuff, aimed at demanding clients. I thoroughly recommend it."
City Lawyer

"A professional, thorough and caring service. Frances is a true specialist with remarkably varied skills and uses her swift perception to analyse the individual needs of her clients. She then applies a tailor-made cocktail of skills and advice to respond to those needs. I thoroughly recommend it."
Corporate Lawyer

"The feedback from my colleagues and suppliers has been complimentary and positive. The way you managed my rowdy suppliers was excellent… we have made the first steps towards integrating creative and innovative marketing plans… this has never been done before."
Project Manager - Grocery Retailer

"I just wanted to give some feedback following the excellent course. At that time my outcome considered in the course, whilst very clear, seemed impossible; but amazingly much of what I wanted has happened. Thank you."
IT Consultant

The style of coaching had enabled me to achieve a level of excellence in my performance which was better than ever before. I surpassed my own expectations by achieving my stated outcomes and have developed the necessary confidence to aim higher in the future. For anyone looking to unlock their potential, I can highly recommend its value."
Professional Cricketer

"Phenomenal. That would be how to describe the impact of your consultation last week."

"I need a clear focused mind to compete at the highest level on tour. Frances of Imagine Success, has proved invaluable in providing me with the mind management skills to succeed against the best in world golf. I would recommend Frances to any sports man or woman who is fair dinkum about being the best."
PGA Tour Professional

Frances has helped me overcome past problems that have clogged my thought process to achieve my goals. Now I feel there are no limits to what I can achieve."
Player of the Year 2005 - Kent CCC

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