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Business Planning


Do you have a detailed and inspiring business plan for the next 3 to 5 years?
Is it a written document that is effectively communicated to all members of your workforce?
Does your workforce understand the company values, beliefs and vision for the future and where they fit in to it?
Have you set realistic goals within specific time-lines and planned strategies to achieve those goals?


Most companies believe they have a vision for their future and an adequate Business Plan to carry that vision through - in fact, very few companies coherently articulate their Business Plans and many fail to communicate them effectively throughout the company.

What We Can Do For You

We can bring together all the critical elements and inspire your teams to greater productivity to improve the bottom line.

Imagine Success has developed an exciting and effective step by step programme that supports you creating a complete Business Plan from Strategy to Execution, delivering clarity of purpose and key performance indicators which ensure effective delivery of the plan ready to circulate, communicate and action to key stakeholders.

Who Will Benefit?

This Business Planning process is available as a one-to-one Senior Executive programme or for small groups (up to 4 people). Suitable for all those who have responsibility for budgets and targets and delivering significant business results.

For all the information you need to decide,

Call Frances on 01344 627275

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