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Imagine Success International
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Mastering the Mental Game



Our purpose is to inspire, empower and achieve significant results.

We guarantee to develop potential and deliver an excellent return on your investment.

Quantifiable improvements and sustainable results, tailored to your needs.
A fundamentally challenging experience, yet one which is led in a subtle natural style, which ensures individuals will feel safe, supported and motivated learning which is relevant, effective and satisfying

Organisational Benefits
Ability to anticipate threats and opportunities
Alignment of stakeholder objectives with corporate direction
Focused action
Significant results that are measurable and sustainable
High performance individuals who inspire and develop a leadership culture

And more specifically... Core skills for exceptional performers

Achieve profound inner belief and confidence
Develop strong image and personal presentation
Create and visualise compelling goals that you can achieve
Build rapport and engage with anyone
Communicate more effectively
Use powerful positive language to influence self and others
Build and maintain more effective relationships
Create your own states of excellence
Understand how others receive information
Sharpened focus and increased sensory awareness
Increased mental agility and resourcefulness
Learn and use powerful questions

You should choose this coaching if;

You know what the company objectives are, but struggle with priorities
Are challenged with satisfying a disparate group of stakeholders
Need to motivate your team to achieve higher levels of performance
Your intentions or communications are misunderstood
You need to have greater impact and influence
There has been a step change in the level of your responsibilities
You feel overwhelmed by time pressures
You need to build stronger rapport and relationships
You are concerned about your market position and want to improve it

For all the information you need to decide,

Call Frances on 01344 627275


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